Saint Gregory's Day

Spring is awakening, and Saint Gregory's Day is upon us, heralding the artisanal charm of Slovenia's cherished tradition. Celebrate this delightful day at our Neapolitan pizzeria in Kamnik, where we've curated a bespoke menu to mark the return of the light and the craftsman's holiday. Our Saint Gregory's Day offering is a culinary homage to love, craftsmanship, and the budding promise of spring.


"Prelude of Spring"

Embrace the arrival of spring with a celebration of local produce and the joyous return of warmer days. This dish features our newly introduced homemade bread, a testament to our pizzeria's innovation, served alongside a rich, homemade herbal butter infused with the bold flavors of Slovenian wild garlic. The ensemble is graced with a delicate mousse made from smoked trout, sourced from the nearby Mihovc fishery, and slices of Slovenian salami "Tolminski želodec", offering a symphony of tastes that perfectly encapsulate the essence of spring.

Pair this delightful starter with a glass of Malvasia from Sutor.

"Heart Connection"

Celebrate the warmth and renewal of spring on Saint Gregory's Day with our special heart shaped pizza. Designed to bring you closer, this heart-shaped delight symbolizes love and unity, inviting you to share a meal that's as meaningful as it is delicious. We recommend our local favorite, the Gabrsk pizza, a tribute to our regional flavors and a testament to our culinary heritage.

Crafted with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection in our traditional wood-fired oven, each half of the heart awaits to merge with its other half, just as you come together in celebration. The Gabrsk, with its unique blend of local toppings, is not just a pizza; it's an experience that captures the essence of Saint Gregory's Day, fostering a connection that transcends the ordinary.

Pair your heart-shaped pizza with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot from Dolfo.

"Princess's Kiss"

Crafted with the same dedication to quality and passion as every memorable moment should be celebrated, this special dessert from Leanasweets promises a taste of spring encapsulated in every bite. We're proud to present the monoportion Princess Crunchy Cakes, a delightful creation featuring caramelized apples, rich walnuts, and a cinnamon crunch that sings of tradition with an innovative twist.. Prepare to indulge in a dessert that, much like the finest relationships, balances sweetness with depth, and tradition with a touch of surprise. It's more than just a dessert; it's a testament to the sweet journey of life and love, ready to be unveiled on this special day.

To conclude your meal on a sweet note, enjoy your cakes with a glass of Muscat Ottonel from Krampač.


Gregory's menu without wine pairing - 21.90 EUR per person.

Gregory's menu with wine pairing - 31.90 EUR per person.

The minimum order for the Gregory's menu is for 2 people.

Offer is available on March 12th, 2024.

Prices include VAT.

Needs reservation. Number or reservations are limited.

Reservations for 2024 are closed!

See you again next year.

4.5 Over 649 Reviews
Fenomenalne pice, in po novem se testenine in rizote, vrhunsko! Od postrezbe do hrane brez pripomb 👍😁
Lovely family run hotel in the cute town of Kamnick
One of the best pizzas I had in years! Nice staff, clean place, moderate prices. I loved it, would def come back in the future.
Prijazen sef in odlicne pice.
Bili že 2x in trenutno najljubša picerija. Postrežba super, morska pica je bila fenomenalna. Pridemo kmalu nazaj.
Recently, my family and I checked out a Neapolitan pizza joint in Kamnik, Slovenia. It's safe to say we had a pretty decent time there, so here's what you need to know:

First up, the pizza was good stuff. Honestly, it's up there with the best we've had in Slovenia. The crust was thin and had a nice crisp, and the flavors were solid. Margherita was a winner, but some of the other combinations were just alright.

The place itself was nice, no doubt. Not fancy or anything, but it had a cozy vibe. It's the kind of spot where you can bring your family or friends and have a laid-back meal. The staff were friendly, but service was a tad slow. We had to wait a bit longer than expected for our orders to come through, even though it wasn't super busy.

Now, the prices – they were fair. Not super cheap, but you're not breaking the bank either.

All in all, if you're in Kamnik and pizza's on your mind, it's worth giving this place a shot. The pizza's fantastic, and it's a chill spot to hang out. Don't expect a fancy, high-end experience, but if you're looking for a decent meal with good company, you'll find it here.
Najbolsa pica v Kamniku ! in odlicne sladice ☺️
Hrana na nivoju, hitro in ustrežljivo osebje, cenovno ok, lep razgled na Kamniške planine.
Definitivno priporočam vsakemu ljubitelju Napolitanskih pic!
This place turned out to be the real winner for Napoli style pizza, it was just perfect. I really liked the ambient and the service too - I was served by the owner himself with whom I had a nice chat. But seriously - if you like pizza, especially Napoli pizza go for it as you wil be blown away by quality.
Amazing pizza, such a surprise! Walked in without reading reviews (very hungry) and service was so fast, pizzas arrived in about 10 min, and it was so delicious. The dough is perfect. I will come back for sure.
Ena izmed boljših napolitanskih pic pri nas! (Nduja). Gospod(lastnik) je sam in se res trudi, dela celi dan sam. Priporočam, nebo vam žal!
Odlična postrežba, odlične pizze, zelo lepe sobe
Buena pizzería auténtica en pleno Kamnik.
Comimos la Margheritta Buffala y la de Salmon (Losos).
El dueño es auténtico y muy agradable.
Buenos precios
Very nice and modern place. We had a pizza and salad
Pizza buonissima, anche più di alcune pizzerie italiane!
Najboljše napoletane pice v okolici če ne celo v Sloveniji! Keep up the good work! Sestavine so res kakovostne, okus je neverjeten.
Best pizza and best panna cotta I ever ate!!!
If u are a fan of true pizza this is the place to go in this area. You wont found pizza like that from Kamnik (where restaurant is located) to Kranjska gora. Only in Ljubljana.

After first review 'till today still perfect.
Puhasto testo, sveža paradižnikova omaka in vrhunska mozzarella! Prijetno in prijazno.
Excelent food, great service
Végtelen barátságosak a vendéglátók. A szobák jók. Az utca zajos. A pizza mennyei! Szuper hely!
The pizzas were soft, very tasty and well baked.
Staff was also very nice
Exceptional Neapolitan style pizza with thin, crispy crusts and fresh authentic Italian toppings. Cozy ambiance and adds to the delightful experience. Highly recommended for pizza lovers 🥰
We loved the food, it was quite busy on Sunday, but they have a lot of space. Besides amazing pizzas try the monocakes - delicious!