"Pri Cesarju" for Sale

Historic Guest House & Investment Opportunity in Kamnik's Tourism Sector Near Ljubljana

Year Built


Rich History


903.4 m2

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Cozy Accomodations

Energy Efficiency


(35 - 60 kWh/m2a)

Building protected by IPCHS

Asking price:

1,690,000 €

This prime property offers a gateway to the thriving restaurant and hotel industry, with ample space for expansion and innovation..

Unlock the Door to Endless Possibilities in the Heart of Slovenia.

Dive into the remarkable opportunity of acquiring "Pri Cesarju," a majestic inn with a storied past and a touch of modern elegance, strategically positioned near Kamnik's vibrant core. Occupying an expansive 903.4 m², this property includes a charismatic restaurant, a beloved pizzeria, and cozy accommodations, all on a generous 937 m² lot.


Turnkey Operation

Continue thriving with the established guesthouse and pizzeria, leveraging a loyal customer base and a stellar reputation


Expansion Ready

The fully equipped kitchen awaits those ready to elevate the dining experience into a full-service restaurant, catering to gastronomes and casual diners alike.


Versatile Basement

Envision transforming the vast basement into additional business venues, a wellness center, wine cellar, or event spaces, each adding a unique layer to the property’s allure.

Adaptive Spaces: The layout offers flexibility for reimagining spaces to meet new market demands or personal visions, enhancing the property’s value and utility and so much more!

"Pri Cesarju" stands not just as a property, but as a promise of prosperity, blending tradition with boundless potential. Whether you’re looking to carry on a legacy or to create your own, this property offers the foundation for a successful venture in one of Slovenia's most picturesque settings.


Year Built: 1847, with a complete modernization in 2019 marrying the charm of yesteryears with today's luxuries.
Energy Efficiency: Energy Class C, aligning with high standards of energy savings.
Premises: A cellar for extensive storage, food preparation area, and utilities; a welcoming restaurant space (150 seats) flanked by two inviting terraces (100 seats); the upper stories offer 11 finely appointed guest rooms for up to 20 guests, plus a terrace for serene views.
Design & Comfort: Bespoke solid wood furniture, stone floors in communal areas, and warm wooden floors in private rooms. The 2019 renovation refreshed every room, bathroom, the restaurant, kitchen, roof, and essential services, alongside the addition of safety and fire prevention systems.
Utilities: Gas heating system, high-speed fiber-optic and cable TV, and balconies in select rooms.
Positioned on a 604 m² plot with an adjacent 333 m² parking area for 13 vehicles, ensuring excellent access for all visitors.
Location & Surroundings: Close to adventure trails for mountain biking, a convenient railway station, and the Krvavec ski resort, just 10 km away, offering a gateway to Slovenia's natural splendor.

Your Future Starts Here

Discover "Pri Cesarju" and explore a world brimming with opportunity. Let this be the cornerstone of your entrepreneurial journey, where heritage harmonizes with innovation for a flourishing future in hospitality and beyond.